Welcome everyone to your new D&D homepage.

I would like this to be very interactive and much easier way of keeping track of the storyline.

If you would like to post questions to discuss with other group members, leave feedback, etc, please feel free.

This will be a good tool in case you want to ask questions to the group. The adventure will be coming up as a much more decision based RPG soon. You’ll have many choices and so if you want to decide what to do next, I will plan accordingly. If not, you’ll get what I give you. :-) (that might not be a good decision).

Feel Free to edit your items and add your characters info in case you want me to work it into the story. Origins, mishaps, character direction. Also feel free to add notes about the items you have that you feel are important. You may edit those.

If you think a particular part of the storyline needs revisiting, place a comment for all to see.

Have fun with this!

D&D - War of the Planes

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