D&D - War of the Planes

Full Circle

Our heroes found themselves in the tower, now being consumed by lava. The lava was rising and our group had to find a way out, quickly. After going down a hallway with deadly traps, they find themsleves face to face with three Efferties.

The group battles the efferties and find that they were much stronger than they expected. One of the efferti stated that “Silly human, Orcus will consume you like the rest.” After a smart ass comment from our shardmind about not being human, the battle rages on. After taking quite the beating, our group finally emerges victorious, and finds that the tower is filling further with Lava. After putting out the fire on the Sorceror’s feet, they make their escape. The way out was through a furnace vent. Once outside a raging blizzard was engulfing the area.

Once rested, our group made their way through the blinding snow and had to endure the harsh element. Our Vampire could no longer take the freezing temperature. His body became to cold (even for him) and passed out. Luckily our dwarf picked up the vampire and carried him the rest of the way.

The snow started to lighten, and our group found themselves at a village, but it was burned to the ground a while ago. What was the strangest thing was the remnants of an already magically expelled portal. The portal was destroyed somehow and was no longer active.

Our group investigated the area while our vampire and the rest of the team recuperated. They determined that this was odd, because the portal should stay open in order to let troops through. The most concerning part was that this portal succeeded, at least for a while. Many scattered foot prints of undead, demons, and efferties. Their fears have come true.

The war on the mortal plane has begun.

Our group decides this is a good opportunity to investigate further with rituals. Our shardmind conducts several rituals to find out more information about the area (they asked the DM questions). What they found out was this:
1. 215 undead, 15 demons, 3 efferties, 1 lich necromancer, and 4 fire giants roamed through the area. There was also 23 villagers that inhabited this area.
2. The fire giants were the ones that constructed the portal once they wiped out the village with the help of the efferties.
3. The giants left the efferties in charge, awaiting something. The efferties went in search of the tower for an unknown reason once our group was back (they don’t know why this happened).
4. Once the undead/demon troops began to emerge, something happened on the other end of the portal. It became unstable and exploded, killing more of the troops. (Needs further investigation).
5. The troops went west, and the fire giants went south. The Efferties stayed for a month.

After looking into this, they decide to follow the giants south. After exploring further, they find out where they are. They are in the mountain range by Castle Tethys. (Origin of the green dragon quest, see below). Zazesspur, the port city that our group escape the continet from, lies to the west.

After a looking more in depth, our group finds a horrific site. Castle Tethys is under siege by an unknown army. A dragon can be seen circling the city laying waste to parts of the siege.

Our group now needs to decide where to go. Please look at the links below to see if there are people that you would like to find and/or places to go.

The Story so far – Moving Forward
Travis Unther



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