D&D - War of the Planes

The story so far - Further at sea

Once on the ocean, they are encounted by a blue dragon. Narrowly escaping, the head into Plankton.

Plankton is ruled by a Halfling named Grobber. The group does some tasks for him and he gives them entrance to an the lighthouse. No one knows the history of the lighthouse, but the town was built around it long ago.

The huge lighthouse was a challenge for our heroes and leaped out of death’s graps on several occasions. Once they reached the top, they found that there was a Demon Portal that was being guarded by the blue dragon. They destroy the portal establish the power back into the lighthouse.

At this moment Bahamut appears to them in his “Old man” form. He tells them that the wars have begun and that they must follow their own path to accomplish their goals.

After leaving the lighthouse, they are betrayed by Grobber. He captures them and takes all of their loots that they received from the dragon. He explains that he plans to sell them to the Tethys empire.

Our group escapes the jail and also frees another prisoner named Mathis. He lives in Quomee on the continent of Chult. Then our group heads to the port and sails for Chult.



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