D&D - War of the Planes

The story so far - On the Run

The group takes Unther’s advice and heads to the sea. That would be their best escape.

They speak to some people on a caravan who let them know of a rumor in the area about an underground slave ring. They call it Thunderspire Labyrinth. The latest people they took were sailors. Unther advises them that if they free these sailors, they would allow them to get out of here.

Once on the road, it’s not to long before they find a old keep that is heavily guarded by suspicious folk. The group sneaks in and finds Thunderspire Labyrinth. After investigation, the slave ring is funded by the New Queen of the region.

They also find that the sailor slaves are being held into 3 different areas, all run by different factions (Horned Hold, Chamber of eyes, Well of demons). After freeing the sailors and causing general chaos, the groups escapes and heads to the nearby port city and speak to the Commander of Tethys’s navy. He is an old friend of Unther.

Vespar allows our group to leave and become wanted pirates.

They find rumors of pirates Southwest and sail that way. After navigating the treacherous seas on their swiss cheese of a boat, they find their way to this island. The shanty town made up on the beach makes for a good place to rest and do some tasks to repair their boat.

Once sailing back from their tasks, they run into their first encounter with a mysterious assassin who they later discover is the famous Drizzt Do’Urden. They impossibly push him overboard and steal his ship. (Critical bull rush followed with a failed save roll)

Once back to the shanty town, they find the navy is in route and everyone is escaping.

After many encounters on the seas and attempts to flee the incoming ships, they enter a fog and evade the pursuers.

After sailing on the seas for several more days, they run into an battered and ruined ship. Trying to salvage anything they can, they fight off some creatures from the sea. Among the cargo, they find a golden dragon egg, in which they store away.

Once there, they find themselves in Ashenport, a city under siege and under a constant storm.

They find out that the city is under the influence of the cult of Dagon. Once saving the town from their influence, the group sets sail again with some new knowledge. There is a town named Plankton who is built at the foot of a lighthouse. There have been rumors of a blue dragon there.



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