D&D - War of the Planes

The Story so far - Spellguard

So now the adventurers began towards Spellguard. An ancient city that was once a bastian for arcane power. During the wars of floating citadels, Spellguard was leveled during an attack and was abandoned. Now, the ruins are a forgotten and the only people still aware of it’s history reside just outside it’s crumbled walls in the Monastery of Precipice. The Monastery’s people inform the group that Lady Saharel (a lich), will have more knowledge of Spellguard. She still haunts the halls in the tower.

Once arriving, Lady Saharel informs the group of the history and states that there has been recent and troubling activities within spellguard. She advises to use extreme caution, because within the ruins still lurks a powerful and dark energy.

During a raid at night, they capture one of the bandits and they say a person named Thoran is in charge at the top of the only remaining structure. The Ancient Tower of Spellguard, the central power of the entire city.

The adventurers fight through the tower’s many floors and cofronts Thoran and a white dragon. They find out the true purpose of the tower (see Jade Chalice).

After destroying the portal, they find that no small dragon would be guarding a portal that big, but rather, a ancient red Dragon was guarding it. Determined to kill the intruders it chases after them with it’s ancient white dragon counterpart. Through the ruins they ran, but there was no escape. The dragons were to fast. Only then were they rescucued by Minos and a matriarch of Bahamut. When things were bleak, the world’s last Gold dragon dove into the fight.

The Matriarch advises the group to run. He has received word from Bahamut himself that this fight is for them. As the group flees, the power of the destroyed portal overwhelms the area and destroys everything by sucking it into a vortex.

After catching their breath, a messenger meets up with them. A note from Minos informs them that it was not meant for them to die today. Bahamut has other plans for them. He tells you of a house that has a transport portal in it. Use this to take them to their next part of their destiny.

They find the portal and use it.



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