D&D - War of the Planes

The Story so far - Moving Forward

Our group wakes up to find themselves in a room trapped. The portal they came through was a shattered mirror which they collected Shard. They escape and destroy their captives.

They found themselves in a strange land. After asking around they confirm they are on the other side of the realm.

Once free, they are met by Travis Unther and his group of Royal guards who informs they are looking for the Queen’s Advisor, Ysabel Liden. He informs the group that the King died 10 days ago and that the Queen is recalling all troops. Something devious is afoot. He asks for your help and if you find him, to let him know. He was last seen at a town named Hommlet.

Once there, they get a lead from the innkeepr that Ysabel Liden is in the Moathouse being held captive. He whispers that the group should speak to the town’s retired adventures up in their keep.

Once there they meet Rufus and Burne who they have a discussion with. (See Bios)

They travel to the moathouse and rescue Ysabel. Ysabel asks them to take him to the capital to speak with Unther.

Once at the capital, the find out Unther has been put in jail. Our group sneaks into the jail to free Unther. Ysabel speak to Unther and they decide to get a stolen book of prophecy from a Kobold in a nearby cave. Ysabel stays to research with Unther.

After recovering the book, they learn that the group will need to slay the Queen.

Unther helps them sneak into the castle to confront the Queen. Once in her chambers, her new Royal Captain turns out to be a Blue dragon with an illusion spell. The group quickly defeats them and finds out the Queen herself is a Green Dragon. She intended to capture this land to weaken the region’s strength for when Orcus comes. The green dragon is to powerful and they must flee.

The Queen puts a bounty on their heads and frames the murder of her Captain on them. They have no choice but to flee the lands.

Unther Meets up with them and gets them safely to a caravan to leave. He will stay behind to form a resistance. He hopes to meet them again soon. He doesn’t understand how the book of prophecy failed them.



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