D&D - War of the Planes

The Tower of Frost

Our adventurers press through the dungeon, trying to find the Frost Titan. Once “dodging” a few more traps, they were able to reach the frost titan’s chamber. A huge magical door was frozen in place, but our adventurers were able to break through and into the main room. Once there, they saw the titan, frozen into place. He then begins to speak to the group and asks them why they had come. The group had to no problems answering that easy question, but when confronted by the titan’s main question “Who locked me away and why?”, the group had no answer. Forgetting what the reason for the titan’s imprisonment, they tried to bluff the giant. The drow was the only one to succeed (and he could have convinced him anything with that roll), but the rest of the group failed to bluff their way out of it. In the end, but giant was outraged at the group’s inability to remember their task.

The reason why Bahamut imprisoned the giant, was to protect him. Orcus’s minions were hunting him down and he would either be convinced to join him or to perish. Bahamut sent him down into the depths of the underdark in order to keep him the farthest away as possible.

After a few rounds of the giant, the group was able to convince him to stop his attacks. They talked to him and calmed him. The giant didn’t truly believe their words and decided to test their strength by attacking them anyways. He stated that he would yield if they proved themselves. After and gruesome and risky battle the group let out a volley that ripped the giant apart, thus killing him. After the drow and ranger stopped congratulating each other on their awesomeness of DPS, they realized they failed their mission. The vampire jumped in and used his lifeforce to resurrect the giant and give him a second breath. After exchanging a glace at each other, he awards the vampire with a belt.

It turns out that the belt was a family heirloom that was passed down for generations.

Afterwards, he tells the group that he appreciates being released and that once they broken the seal on the door, he was no longer bound to the tower. The giant takes his leave and vanishes using a charm around his neck.

The tower accelerates towards the surface without warning and slams our group against the ground. The tower now radiates heat and has a forge that streams lava. It appears the tower is now being engulfed by flames, and our group must escape, or be melted.


I leave you all alone for just one session and look what happens, everything has gone to pot.

The Tower of Frost

See, that’s what happens when the glue decides not to come ;-)

The Tower of Frost

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