Falorm is the ruler of Chult and maintains his throne in Quomee. A city he is proud to house members of every race. In this giant palace, everyone is equal and contributes freely.

He rules with a iron fist and is hesitant to trust our group. Although after many tasks and hearing their story, he is convinced by Drizzt Do’Urden along with the honesty the group shows.

The group also selflessly turns themself over the the Tethys empire in order to avoid a all out war.

Falorm does not bow to anyone and stands against the Tethys empire just for the fact they were demanding the groups release or they would face war. After seeing that the group would rather turn themselves over than cause a conflict.

A battle begins and he starts Quomee artifact and allows the citadel to rise high into the air, avoiding troops from the empire.


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