One of the group's most trusted Ally


Minos is Giant Minotaur gaurdian who is loyal to Bahamut. He is tasked to help close the Demon Portal.

He claims that Bahamut speaks through him. Guides him. Hesuffers from a minotaurs rage because e slaughtered his own family in a blood frenzy. (wife and children).
Wehn he went to commit suicide by leaping off the highest cliff in his region, a mystical Cannery came from the sky and landed him softly to the ground. He passed out, but when he come through, bahamut had left him an amulet. Doesn’t know what it is for.

Minos has made many different appearnaces through the campaign, but the last time he was seen, he was helping fend off the pursing evil dragons chasing our group. Sacraficing himself (because he believes your group is the one who will defeat Orcus in the end) he holds off the dragons with the help of the realm’s last remaining gold dragon and one of bahumut’s matriarchs. The explosion from spellgaurd sucks everyone in except the group as they make their escape. This is the last time they have ever seen Minos alive.

He is believed to be in another plane, or dead.

Either way, his goal was completed.



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