D&D - War of the Planes

The story so far - Talon Pass

Once you left the town, you proceeded up towards the mountains on a caravan. Helping them along the way, you finally come to the base of talon pass. A very treaturous area, you find yourself ambushed by Large Wolves.

During this encounter you see a huge minotaur fighting some sort of treant with a portal behind him. After dispatching the wolves, as a group you decide to help the minotaur because he looked injuried.

Once rescuing him, he tells the group that his name is Minos. He then discusses the portal behind him is known as a Demon Portal. His task is to destroy them. He also informs you how to do it.

He says that he Knows he will see you again soon, but he must go stop another portal from opening.

Your group ventures further and find themself at the encampment with Drugar. The town is in a mine and they are using the entrances to ward off attacks from the undead. After helping Drugar with a few tasks, he gives you a mission to go into Talon Keep and retrieve the Jade Chalice.

The jade chalice is guarded by a black dragon who inhabits the keep. There is also a group of orcs looking for it as well.

Our heroes battled through the keep and confronted the black dragon.
He tells of a demon gate being protected by a white dragon on top of a tower named Spellgaurd. He only wishes to be left at peace. He states that Drugar is planning on using his new town as a stronghold to take over the lower valley. He was working with Drugar to claim the peaks as their own. He advised that he does have the jade chalice and that he was going to use it to barter with the white dragon for gold because the tower needs the Chalice for some reason. He says that he is not part of the war and wants nothing to do with it. The tower DOES have something to do with it.

He also reveals that he was betrayed by Drugar and that he was recruited to solidify his area for him. He offers a deal to kill drugar instead of killing him. The group decides to kill both instead and slaughters the dragon. On his dying breath, he states that his mother will avenge his death.

The group scoffs at that remark and leaves him.

They then return to the mine and confront Drugar who then starts a battle. (see Drugar bio). After defeating him they move on to investigate Spellgaurd.

The Story so far - The beginning

This is the story so far. I’m transposing my notes into this, but the beginning is kind of vague. I will include what I can recall.

Your group started off doing some minor adventuring, but you started in a town who had some problems in the sewer. There you fought many different kinds of monsters, but the real problem was the Gnaw Demon you found. He advised that you would never live long enough to see the world change into all it’s glory. Once killed, the gnaw demon had a amulet on it that contained dragon scripture. Once deciphered, it said “Cleanse the world of flesh by fire”.

Why the Gnaw Demon had this on him, no one could understand.

After rescuing a prisoner named Quinn, your group headed toward the Talon pass in the near by mountains. His brother Drugar could tell you more about the medallion.


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