D&D - War of the Planes

Full Circle

Our heroes found themselves in the tower, now being consumed by lava. The lava was rising and our group had to find a way out, quickly. After going down a hallway with deadly traps, they find themsleves face to face with three Efferties.

The group battles the efferties and find that they were much stronger than they expected. One of the efferti stated that “Silly human, Orcus will consume you like the rest.” After a smart ass comment from our shardmind about not being human, the battle rages on. After taking quite the beating, our group finally emerges victorious, and finds that the tower is filling further with Lava. After putting out the fire on the Sorceror’s feet, they make their escape. The way out was through a furnace vent. Once outside a raging blizzard was engulfing the area.

Once rested, our group made their way through the blinding snow and had to endure the harsh element. Our Vampire could no longer take the freezing temperature. His body became to cold (even for him) and passed out. Luckily our dwarf picked up the vampire and carried him the rest of the way.

The snow started to lighten, and our group found themselves at a village, but it was burned to the ground a while ago. What was the strangest thing was the remnants of an already magically expelled portal. The portal was destroyed somehow and was no longer active.

Our group investigated the area while our vampire and the rest of the team recuperated. They determined that this was odd, because the portal should stay open in order to let troops through. The most concerning part was that this portal succeeded, at least for a while. Many scattered foot prints of undead, demons, and efferties. Their fears have come true.

The war on the mortal plane has begun.

Our group decides this is a good opportunity to investigate further with rituals. Our shardmind conducts several rituals to find out more information about the area (they asked the DM questions). What they found out was this:
1. 215 undead, 15 demons, 3 efferties, 1 lich necromancer, and 4 fire giants roamed through the area. There was also 23 villagers that inhabited this area.
2. The fire giants were the ones that constructed the portal once they wiped out the village with the help of the efferties.
3. The giants left the efferties in charge, awaiting something. The efferties went in search of the tower for an unknown reason once our group was back (they don’t know why this happened).
4. Once the undead/demon troops began to emerge, something happened on the other end of the portal. It became unstable and exploded, killing more of the troops. (Needs further investigation).
5. The troops went west, and the fire giants went south. The Efferties stayed for a month.

After looking into this, they decide to follow the giants south. After exploring further, they find out where they are. They are in the mountain range by Castle Tethys. (Origin of the green dragon quest, see below). Zazesspur, the port city that our group escape the continet from, lies to the west.

After a looking more in depth, our group finds a horrific site. Castle Tethys is under siege by an unknown army. A dragon can be seen circling the city laying waste to parts of the siege.

Our group now needs to decide where to go. Please look at the links below to see if there are people that you would like to find and/or places to go.

The Story so far – Moving Forward
Travis Unther

The Tower of Frost

Our adventurers press through the dungeon, trying to find the Frost Titan. Once “dodging” a few more traps, they were able to reach the frost titan’s chamber. A huge magical door was frozen in place, but our adventurers were able to break through and into the main room. Once there, they saw the titan, frozen into place. He then begins to speak to the group and asks them why they had come. The group had to no problems answering that easy question, but when confronted by the titan’s main question “Who locked me away and why?”, the group had no answer. Forgetting what the reason for the titan’s imprisonment, they tried to bluff the giant. The drow was the only one to succeed (and he could have convinced him anything with that roll), but the rest of the group failed to bluff their way out of it. In the end, but giant was outraged at the group’s inability to remember their task.

The reason why Bahamut imprisoned the giant, was to protect him. Orcus’s minions were hunting him down and he would either be convinced to join him or to perish. Bahamut sent him down into the depths of the underdark in order to keep him the farthest away as possible.

After a few rounds of the giant, the group was able to convince him to stop his attacks. They talked to him and calmed him. The giant didn’t truly believe their words and decided to test their strength by attacking them anyways. He stated that he would yield if they proved themselves. After and gruesome and risky battle the group let out a volley that ripped the giant apart, thus killing him. After the drow and ranger stopped congratulating each other on their awesomeness of DPS, they realized they failed their mission. The vampire jumped in and used his lifeforce to resurrect the giant and give him a second breath. After exchanging a glace at each other, he awards the vampire with a belt.

It turns out that the belt was a family heirloom that was passed down for generations.

Afterwards, he tells the group that he appreciates being released and that once they broken the seal on the door, he was no longer bound to the tower. The giant takes his leave and vanishes using a charm around his neck.

The tower accelerates towards the surface without warning and slams our group against the ground. The tower now radiates heat and has a forge that streams lava. It appears the tower is now being engulfed by flames, and our group must escape, or be melted.

Escaping the underdark

Our group finds themselves in danger after they slaughter the matron. There seemed to be only one way out (the way they came in). The wizard, using it vast knowledge, thought up an idea to use a ritual in order to speak to a spider. They asked him if there was any other way to escape. After narrowing down the questions, they found out that there was indeed a escape route that the matron mother used.

While the wizard was preparing the ritual, the cleric decided to loot the matron’s body in which he found a item, Tiamet Pendant, which he used to get through the newly found exit.

The exit was a rather interesting portal. A portal once used during the great war between the dragons, which was thousands of years ago. Those portals were given to the highest ranking members of Tiamat’s elite. They could go great distances if they needed to. The group decided to jump through, not knowing where it might go. The otherside had to be better than an entire legion of Drow that were now hunting them.

After stepping through the portal, they found themselves in the old ruined part of the drow city. They immediately left and met up with Thoragar. He urged the group to leave and to following him. He had arranged an escape. The drow city was in compete chaos, and the houses were in total anarchy (the way it should be for drow). The mission was complete.

Thoragar lead them to a bridge with an underground current. Once there, they jumped aboard a raft in order to escape in a quick manner. The group asked Thoragar where this would take them, and he reponded with “somewhere other than a place where they were not going to be hunted by the drow.”

After going down the underdark rapids, and nearing dying,the rapids opened up into a great underground sea. The ceiling was alive with fluorescent mushrooms that lite the cavern. There was no end to the water before them. Among the many islands that poked out of the waters, there was one that stood out from the others. An island with trees. TREES! How did they manage their way down there. The group decided to head towards this island in order to look into it further. Once there, the island was covered in giant trees (about the size of redwoods). There was also a tower placed in the middle of the island behind all the trees.

They investigated the tower only to find another messanger of Bahamut standing out in front of it.

He informs the group that there are more tasks that need to be completed. He lists a bunch of them to the group, stating that some might be to hard for them to handle at the time. He also gives our group a map of the known world.

The last task he gives our group is to try and convince the elemental giants to join Bahamut’s side. Their support could help the war against the evil dragon queen. There was one frost Titan locked away in this tower. Bahamut vanished the tower into the underdark, in order to give someone more time to try and find the giant. The group, risking death itself, selflessly marches into the tower.

Once inside, they find themselves in a dungeon that is covered in ages of frost and ice. Someone in the dungeon isn’t adding up. The place was covered with ice, but there were many fire traps and devices laid about the dungeon.

Attack on the Matron

The group talks with Thorogar to informs them they must now attack the Matron mother in order to make sure that no one unites the drow again. It is here they will complete their task.

Thorogar informs the group that that he can teleport them into the the spire, but there are a couple problems. First, the portal is bound to the Matron’s assassin and they will teleport right next to her. Secondly, it is a one way trip and they will have to find their own way out of the Matron’s House.

The group is also greeted by a new member, a swordmage, who has a very strange habit of talking to his sword. He advises that it’s cursed by an ex-lover, and that he can’t get rid of it. The group doesn’t know how the stranger came to the underdark, but they don’t fully trust him.

After talking it over, the group decides to take the portal. Once there, they are greeted by a Drow Assassin and a Shadow hulk. The battle ensues and the mage immediately enrages the assassin. Using his arcane knowledge, he blasts the assassin and renders her arms useless for a while. The mage has a moment of reprieve without having to look over his back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long, and the mage is almost killed by the assassin’s blades. The Shadow Hulk is no match for our group. He is tied up by our new swordmage while the rest of the group hacks away out its outer exoskeleton. The group is victorious before to long.

Afterwards, they head into the Matron’s chamber and assess the situation. She is waiting for the party and does not seem intimidated. The group decides to go with their motto “Ask questions after we kill them all”. They charge in sword first and tackle the group head on. The full force of the matron mother is unleashed, along with her demonic companions. The battle rages on and our Ranger almost dies twice. Our Vampire goes down once, but pulls himself back up and into the fight again. Our cleric finds himself in the middle of all the creatures, abandoned by his teammates, and takes the full brunt of many gruesome attacks. Almost dying several times, the group realizes that they need to relocate around the dwarf and fend off the pressing monsters. The matron, exhausted and mentally fatigued, presses the attack even when her death lies in front of her. After a very painful and bloody battle, they finally become victorious.

Several questions still remain. Who was in charge of the portal we closed? Did they already kill them, or are they still alive out there? Where is the item they needed to allow the citadel to use their transportation device? How are they to escape the spire and return to the surface?

The story so far - The underdark......

The group finds themselves in a dwarven structure far underground. This leads them to believe that they might be in the shallows of the underdark. No dwarves were ever known to be farther down than that.

The group was wrong. They indeed were in the underdark and came face to face with a mind flayer. This raised many questions, but the group escaped and blended into a drow patrol that was battling a large rock giant group (they had received rings of drow disguise from Farlorm). Once done, they followed the drow patrol back into a Drow city.

The city was surrounded by a large wall and each drow house had a “Slice of the pie”. The main house of the drow city was in a giant stalactite that reached from the ceiling all the way to the floor.

They also encountered a dwarf who was a drow captive. After speaking to him telepathically, they allied themselves with him.

The group leads the dwarf to his secret layer under one of the drow’s stables. That is where the group has their base of operation.

Their main goal at this point is to disrupt the Drow culture, because this one seems to have bonded together under a single house.

During their exploits, they have successfully made the drow suspicious of each other and disrupted their attacks on the surface.

Now, their goal is close at hand. They must cut the head off the snake and find a way out of the underdark before it consumes them.

The story so far - Chult

Once the adventurers reached Chult, they encounter a group of drow that ambush them. Strangely, no one understand why this group of drow was on the surface.

Mathis leads them to Quomee. A giant rock like citadel that has more mysteries than the group can even see. A giant hall and throne leads the group to believe that this citadel once housed an ancient being. Possibly when the primordials or other giant beings ruled the realm.

The group meets Falorm who allows the group to stay as guests in the citadel. He warns that they do not normally trust outsiders.

This citadel housed almost all of the residences of Chult. Every race the group could think of, had a place here in the citadel. It was a busy place with all the passages and people everywhere they looked.

Falorm informs the group that a threat of drown and trolls have been threatening their town recently. They need a crystal orb in order to free the citadel from dangers, or at least that’s how the legend goes. It was recently stolen by trolls. The group volunteers to go into the Troll Warrens and find the crystal.

Once in the warrens they find a troll named Skald who can not be killed. His eye (which is the orb they are looking for) bring him back to life each time. He plans to use this orb to resurrect the troll king of the past. The group heads back to the city and find out that there is a place that he could be hiding. They call it the stone cauldron.

The group infiltrates the stone cauldron and stops skald and the resurrected troll king.

The stone Cauldron they find was a piece of dwarven history that no one knew existed anymore. It was the cauldron that, as legend goes, Moradin used to forge the first dwarves from the earth itself.

The group took the eye back to the capital only to find it under siege once again, but this time it was from Tethys.

See Falorm Bio.

Once freed, Falorm asked the group one more favor. He needs them to place the eye it’s holder and find a way to activate it. After carefully looking into it, they find a way to start the device. The entire citadel of Quomee raises high into the air and avoids attack from the impending forces.

Once in the air, they notice the bottom of the citadel took a chunk of the land out from underneath it. Drow started to pour through openings and engage the Tethys Army.

Falorm asked the group for them to do another task. He said now that the citadel was in the air, he would need to find a way to get back down to the surface. He asks the group to head to take the citadel’s teleport and find it’s location. Where would it teleport them to, and how they would return. They would need to be a device that would allow it on their end.

The group took on the task, but only to find themselves in the worst peril ever.

The story so far - Further at sea

Once on the ocean, they are encounted by a blue dragon. Narrowly escaping, the head into Plankton.

Plankton is ruled by a Halfling named Grobber. The group does some tasks for him and he gives them entrance to an the lighthouse. No one knows the history of the lighthouse, but the town was built around it long ago.

The huge lighthouse was a challenge for our heroes and leaped out of death’s graps on several occasions. Once they reached the top, they found that there was a Demon Portal that was being guarded by the blue dragon. They destroy the portal establish the power back into the lighthouse.

At this moment Bahamut appears to them in his “Old man” form. He tells them that the wars have begun and that they must follow their own path to accomplish their goals.

After leaving the lighthouse, they are betrayed by Grobber. He captures them and takes all of their loots that they received from the dragon. He explains that he plans to sell them to the Tethys empire.

Our group escapes the jail and also frees another prisoner named Mathis. He lives in Quomee on the continent of Chult. Then our group heads to the port and sails for Chult.

The story so far - On the Run

The group takes Unther’s advice and heads to the sea. That would be their best escape.

They speak to some people on a caravan who let them know of a rumor in the area about an underground slave ring. They call it Thunderspire Labyrinth. The latest people they took were sailors. Unther advises them that if they free these sailors, they would allow them to get out of here.

Once on the road, it’s not to long before they find a old keep that is heavily guarded by suspicious folk. The group sneaks in and finds Thunderspire Labyrinth. After investigation, the slave ring is funded by the New Queen of the region.

They also find that the sailor slaves are being held into 3 different areas, all run by different factions (Horned Hold, Chamber of eyes, Well of demons). After freeing the sailors and causing general chaos, the groups escapes and heads to the nearby port city and speak to the Commander of Tethys’s navy. He is an old friend of Unther.

Vespar allows our group to leave and become wanted pirates.

They find rumors of pirates Southwest and sail that way. After navigating the treacherous seas on their swiss cheese of a boat, they find their way to this island. The shanty town made up on the beach makes for a good place to rest and do some tasks to repair their boat.

Once sailing back from their tasks, they run into their first encounter with a mysterious assassin who they later discover is the famous Drizzt Do’Urden. They impossibly push him overboard and steal his ship. (Critical bull rush followed with a failed save roll)

Once back to the shanty town, they find the navy is in route and everyone is escaping.

After many encounters on the seas and attempts to flee the incoming ships, they enter a fog and evade the pursuers.

After sailing on the seas for several more days, they run into an battered and ruined ship. Trying to salvage anything they can, they fight off some creatures from the sea. Among the cargo, they find a golden dragon egg, in which they store away.

Once there, they find themselves in Ashenport, a city under siege and under a constant storm.

They find out that the city is under the influence of the cult of Dagon. Once saving the town from their influence, the group sets sail again with some new knowledge. There is a town named Plankton who is built at the foot of a lighthouse. There have been rumors of a blue dragon there.

The Story so far - Moving Forward

Our group wakes up to find themselves in a room trapped. The portal they came through was a shattered mirror which they collected Shard. They escape and destroy their captives.

They found themselves in a strange land. After asking around they confirm they are on the other side of the realm.

Once free, they are met by Travis Unther and his group of Royal guards who informs they are looking for the Queen’s Advisor, Ysabel Liden. He informs the group that the King died 10 days ago and that the Queen is recalling all troops. Something devious is afoot. He asks for your help and if you find him, to let him know. He was last seen at a town named Hommlet.

Once there, they get a lead from the innkeepr that Ysabel Liden is in the Moathouse being held captive. He whispers that the group should speak to the town’s retired adventures up in their keep.

Once there they meet Rufus and Burne who they have a discussion with. (See Bios)

They travel to the moathouse and rescue Ysabel. Ysabel asks them to take him to the capital to speak with Unther.

Once at the capital, the find out Unther has been put in jail. Our group sneaks into the jail to free Unther. Ysabel speak to Unther and they decide to get a stolen book of prophecy from a Kobold in a nearby cave. Ysabel stays to research with Unther.

After recovering the book, they learn that the group will need to slay the Queen.

Unther helps them sneak into the castle to confront the Queen. Once in her chambers, her new Royal Captain turns out to be a Blue dragon with an illusion spell. The group quickly defeats them and finds out the Queen herself is a Green Dragon. She intended to capture this land to weaken the region’s strength for when Orcus comes. The green dragon is to powerful and they must flee.

The Queen puts a bounty on their heads and frames the murder of her Captain on them. They have no choice but to flee the lands.

Unther Meets up with them and gets them safely to a caravan to leave. He will stay behind to form a resistance. He hopes to meet them again soon. He doesn’t understand how the book of prophecy failed them.

The Story so far - Spellguard

So now the adventurers began towards Spellguard. An ancient city that was once a bastian for arcane power. During the wars of floating citadels, Spellguard was leveled during an attack and was abandoned. Now, the ruins are a forgotten and the only people still aware of it’s history reside just outside it’s crumbled walls in the Monastery of Precipice. The Monastery’s people inform the group that Lady Saharel (a lich), will have more knowledge of Spellguard. She still haunts the halls in the tower.

Once arriving, Lady Saharel informs the group of the history and states that there has been recent and troubling activities within spellguard. She advises to use extreme caution, because within the ruins still lurks a powerful and dark energy.

During a raid at night, they capture one of the bandits and they say a person named Thoran is in charge at the top of the only remaining structure. The Ancient Tower of Spellguard, the central power of the entire city.

The adventurers fight through the tower’s many floors and cofronts Thoran and a white dragon. They find out the true purpose of the tower (see Jade Chalice).

After destroying the portal, they find that no small dragon would be guarding a portal that big, but rather, a ancient red Dragon was guarding it. Determined to kill the intruders it chases after them with it’s ancient white dragon counterpart. Through the ruins they ran, but there was no escape. The dragons were to fast. Only then were they rescucued by Minos and a matriarch of Bahamut. When things were bleak, the world’s last Gold dragon dove into the fight.

The Matriarch advises the group to run. He has received word from Bahamut himself that this fight is for them. As the group flees, the power of the destroyed portal overwhelms the area and destroys everything by sucking it into a vortex.

After catching their breath, a messenger meets up with them. A note from Minos informs them that it was not meant for them to die today. Bahamut has other plans for them. He tells you of a house that has a transport portal in it. Use this to take them to their next part of their destiny.

They find the portal and use it.


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