D&D - War of the Planes

Escaping the underdark

Our group finds themselves in danger after they slaughter the matron. There seemed to be only one way out (the way they came in). The wizard, using it vast knowledge, thought up an idea to use a ritual in order to speak to a spider. They asked him if there was any other way to escape. After narrowing down the questions, they found out that there was indeed a escape route that the matron mother used.

While the wizard was preparing the ritual, the cleric decided to loot the matron’s body in which he found a item, Tiamet Pendant, which he used to get through the newly found exit.

The exit was a rather interesting portal. A portal once used during the great war between the dragons, which was thousands of years ago. Those portals were given to the highest ranking members of Tiamat’s elite. They could go great distances if they needed to. The group decided to jump through, not knowing where it might go. The otherside had to be better than an entire legion of Drow that were now hunting them.

After stepping through the portal, they found themselves in the old ruined part of the drow city. They immediately left and met up with Thoragar. He urged the group to leave and to following him. He had arranged an escape. The drow city was in compete chaos, and the houses were in total anarchy (the way it should be for drow). The mission was complete.

Thoragar lead them to a bridge with an underground current. Once there, they jumped aboard a raft in order to escape in a quick manner. The group asked Thoragar where this would take them, and he reponded with “somewhere other than a place where they were not going to be hunted by the drow.”

After going down the underdark rapids, and nearing dying,the rapids opened up into a great underground sea. The ceiling was alive with fluorescent mushrooms that lite the cavern. There was no end to the water before them. Among the many islands that poked out of the waters, there was one that stood out from the others. An island with trees. TREES! How did they manage their way down there. The group decided to head towards this island in order to look into it further. Once there, the island was covered in giant trees (about the size of redwoods). There was also a tower placed in the middle of the island behind all the trees.

They investigated the tower only to find another messanger of Bahamut standing out in front of it.

He informs the group that there are more tasks that need to be completed. He lists a bunch of them to the group, stating that some might be to hard for them to handle at the time. He also gives our group a map of the known world.

The last task he gives our group is to try and convince the elemental giants to join Bahamut’s side. Their support could help the war against the evil dragon queen. There was one frost Titan locked away in this tower. Bahamut vanished the tower into the underdark, in order to give someone more time to try and find the giant. The group, risking death itself, selflessly marches into the tower.

Once inside, they find themselves in a dungeon that is covered in ages of frost and ice. Someone in the dungeon isn’t adding up. The place was covered with ice, but there were many fire traps and devices laid about the dungeon.


Without over thinking I just want to post a quest for the group about Tiamat we should at least theorize why this deity would be in alliance to Orcas. Remember that in the beginning there were some concerns about chromatic dragons and undead that could be a factor.

Escaping the underdark

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Escaping the underdark

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